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Thin films with lesser defects

ID: F1601-03

Nano-scale slim films have become an important component of numerous products. Novel optical technology to detect and repair defects during production will improve quality and durability, and increase competitiveness. Tiny defects in slim movies utilized in items such as polymer-coated paper and low-cost, flexible photovoltaics (PVs) can decrease product quality and durability. This additionally decreases yield and increases scrap levels, more impacting competitiveness. Exposure of such defective PV modules and polymer-coated paperboard barrier movies to water vapour causes short circuits in electronics and the degradation of paper items. In-line quality control examination systems alleviate some of the burden, but there's frequently a trade-off between quality and speed. As a new task nears completion, experts have actually developed revolutionary optical strategies for existing optical measurement systems that detect smaller defects faster. Gas cleaning after examination has been introduced whereas cleaning and localised fix to eliminate particles produced during manufacturing will be introduced in the next phase. Laboratory tests have actually demonstrated a really promising decrease in problem densities of more than 90 %. One demonstrator and one proof-of-concept detection system have been implemented for each line. Ongoing trials are creating excellent results and the final demonstrators will showcase the new detection, cleaning and repair technologies. The technologies will be integrated with modern high-throughput roll-to-roll processing to increase production performance and decrease production expenses. Improved defect detection and fix will improve the quality and life time of products employing large-area thin movies, improving the competitive position of manufacturers. It'll also reduce waste, decrease costs and translate to crucial advantages for the environment. Brand new markets in smart packaging, flexible electronics and large-area lighting can be expected for the companion organizations.



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    Better coatings for more energyhttp://www.tech-no-log-ic.de/index.php/get-in-contact/item/1491-better-coatings-for-more-energyhttp://www.tech-no-log-ic.de/index.php/get-in-contact/item/1491-better-coatings-for-more-energyBetter coatings for more energy

    Better coatings for more energy

    ID: F1508-07

    Harnessing the Sun's power supply is one of the most alternatives that are promising combustion of fossil fuels. Enhanced characterisation of coatings for concentrating power that systems will speed development. Meeting the global energy need in a sustainable means the most pressing challenges regarding the century that is 21st. CSP lies to  generally meet to 7 percent of global power needs by 2030 or over to at least one fourth by 2050. Nonetheless, current parabolic trough solar enthusiasts for CSP systems run at around 400 levels Celsius, whereas brand new designs for greater efficiency need 20 to 25 several years of operation at close to 600 degrees Celsius. A new task is developing the tools required to make sure that selective absorber coatings will result in the grade. Solar selective coatings are manufactured from four layers of materials (anti-reflection, absorber, infrared reflector and anti-diffusion) applied with large equipment over several square metres of substrate. Nonetheless, the performance of those large-area movies is critically influenced by nano-scale properties such as roughness, hardness, crystal framework, structure and spectra that is vibrational. Researchers are developing tools to assess properties that are nano-scale correlate them with optical performance and life expectancy. The job is supported by growth of degradation and characterisation protocols. They are aimed not merely at predicting life expectancy, but in addition at facilitating tests to increase the temperature and general ecological operating conditions for higher effectiveness without degradation. Layered solar absorber coatings had been developed and deposited on little flat and cylindrical examples with a physical vapour deposition (PVD) sputtering system. The PVD system can coat 4-metre tubes, the ultimate target for final demonstration of the technology. In parallel, boffins developed and produced a thermal aging system to do aging tests on cylindrical samples with perfectly managed temperatures and fuel compositions. The latter will assess ramifications of water and air publicity. The coatings are actually undergoing test that is rigorous. Solar selectivity values were calculated and thermal ageing under various temperatures has been conducted to correlate thermal degradation and optical performance.  The group has also applied some techniques that are spectroscopic an attempt to identify spectral bands associated with degradation that could be utilized as indicators of degradation. Finally, specimens are also afflicted by tribological and testing that is mechanical assess properties such as for instance adhesion, wear, and scratch opposition.



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      How-to Collection Optical Lenshttp://www.tech-no-log-ic.de/index.php/how-tos/item/1394-how-to-collection-optical-lenshttp://www.tech-no-log-ic.de/index.php/how-tos/item/1394-how-to-collection-optical-lensHow-to Collection Optical Lens

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